Does Lowe’s Portofino honor room requests and does anyone have any recommendations on locations or rooms I would want to request. Going early August and staying in the base room.

They will attempt to accommodate all guests requests if availability allows is the official line. However it is not like wdw you will need to contact them direct and and its 50/50 on if you get request or not.

Portafino at Universal in Orlando? I asked for a room near the boat lauch - I could have jumped out my window and hit the boat. Depending on your view I would have different suggestions - if you have a Water view - I would suggest a room near the boat launch but 1/2 between the lobby and the launch. That way you overlook the rest of the hotel and get the ambiance of it - but you are close to the boat launch (and the pool)

Great, Right now we are in garden view room. Is it worth upgrading?

I would say no. It is nice but not spectacular - I upgraded as it was literally $5 a night. We literally only looked out of it for 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at night. I would ask for a room near the family pool. That way you are close to the pool and the boat launch. We loved it there. Also just upon checkin see if they can upgrade you gratis

It’s just me and my two daughters (13 and 9). 2 questions if you have the time. I typically pack food and bring. Did your room have a small fridge. And how are the restaurants there. I figure I will skip Bice, since it seems my girls may not get kid friendly food for the price but let me know if you have any other recommendations. Thanks so much for the time

@djocks - we do the same thing. So there is an “honor” bar. Which is stocked and keeps things cool at best. We basically used the ice bucket and I got milk ever day or so from the convenience store at the hotel. It worked perfectly for that - however if you need to do something more than that - there is nothing standard in the rooms.

So our kids are the same age as well. My 9 year old and my 42 yr old (wife) have kid pallets. However myself and my 13 year old are more adventourous (luckily the other two are always willing to go to daring places and order something simple). However to your question - we ate at Mama Della’s and ordered pool side. Both were wonderful experiences. We ate outside at Mamma Della’s and I had an amazing seafood dish. My son got an antipasti tray. My wife and daughter were able to get simple noodles and meatballs etc - they were VERY accommodating. The service by the pool was sublime (although a bit slow so don’t wait until you are really hungry). However we got a bunch of different things there (very kid friendly and adult friendly too). Service was nice and the food was served on nice, but heavy china - (not paper plates) so it felt like a nice relaxed meal.

I would recommend you try to spend some time at the pool to relax - we enjoyed just “being” as a family there. Like I noted - we ordered food and it was just a very pleasant evening - not rushed - but I didn’t feel like we were “missing” anything at the park. There is also a nice deli that opens up to the main courtyard / water - so if you want something quick but good that may be a nice option.

I would just say - enjoy the resort. We enjoyed how it just allowed you to relax after a day of GO GO GO.

While in the park - I do recommend Mythos to eat. It is in Island of Adventure. Its sit down and the food was good and the service very nice. It was MINIMALLY more expensive than the pizza we got at wood woodpecker’s the day before - but it was a much more civilized and enjoyable experience.

Have a great time - and if there is anything else - please let me know!!

@davidtyost - Thank you for the detailed response. We’ve been doing the parks down there for the last 6 years and are getting more skilled at not spending money that is not worth it. We got delivery from Garden Grocer last summer at Disney which was great but they don’t go to Universal. So I am hoping to bring down a small suitcase of food items mostly snacks and cereal and eat breakfast in room and lunch in park. I think they allow simple items in a lunch box. If you know differently please let me know.

So if your saying the convenience store sells small cartons of milk that will be perfect for morning. We did Hard Rock 2 years ago, first time at Portofino. We are going to be there for 3 nights and 4 full days. Got tickets to Blue Man (first time) and just made a 6PM res at Mama Della’s for that night before the show off your recommendation. Aside from that we always spend one night at the pool and most afternoons from 1-4 after a full morning in the park. I am a drill sergeant getting them up early but its worth it especially since it sounds like Kong will be general admission like potter with no express pass. But thank you for the heads up with the pool side restaurant, Momma Della’s and deli counter service if we need.

Cant’s wait to go …

My pleasure - prego. I hope you have a great time. The resort is very nice, the service outstanding. There is a nice area as you come in the room that has the ice bucket, coffee maker etc. We then had all our “goodies” in a small suitcase that we set up on the suitcase stand in the closet and referred to it as “the pantry”. The ice kept the milk and small things of juice nice and cold. I actually enjoyed my nightly walk to the store so that I could enjoy the general ambiance of the hotel. We never had an issue taking snacks in the park and I THINK the water at the hotel was gratis so that was nice. Enjoy!!

Awesome, Thanks again.