Portofino Room Request

It seems like the best way to do a room request is to call about a week before arrival. Does anyone have any tips or know otherwise? We’re booked for a Club room at PBR for a week in early December and hoping to be close to the lounge, water taxi, and beach pool. Not sure all of that is possible to have at once, but thinking that the Villa Wing is our best bet, with the West being our second choice. We’ve never been to PBR but I understand that its pretty spread out, though not to the same degree as Disney hotels, so I’m thinking we will be fine with either of these options.

Looking for a follow up on your trip, and your room location at Portofino. We are thinking about booking club level there but I’m concerned about the large size of the resort. Will we really use the club room if my room is far away?

We stayed club level at Portofino in August 2018. Our room was not “close”, but I also don’t find that the resort is overly huge. More importantly, the lounge is not far from the lobby. We would come down every morning, eat a full breakfast, and then head out to the boat to head to the parks, taking snacks and drinks with us for later in the day. We only made it back for hors devours and sweets twice, but even then, we would come back to the resort and go right to the lounge before heading to our room, so our room location in relation to the lounge was not really an issue.