Portofino Bay Reservations

Reservations can be made at Portofino Bay Hotel starting on December 1


Interesting, thanks for the heads up.

That is an excellent sign

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I think MVT had great rates for December and then had to pull them back? Are they available again?

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No idea. But APH rates are out. I’m rather tempted to switch out RPR for PBH now for all that extra space.

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Universal confirmed on Twitter they are reopening Dec 1.


We loved it when we were there.

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New info is Dockside is opening December 15th.

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I just read an article in Magic Guidebooks that said Portifino would not reopen until 2021. That article was posted on Aug 27 however.

Welcome to the forum! Yes, that was the initial information released but Universal seems to be getting busier so they are opening more resorts.


Any word on whether the restaurant Bice will also reopen at the Portifino in December? I have a Christmas trip planned and wanted to try it with the family.

For anyone interested, APH rates are out for all hotels until checkout on 2/12/2021.

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Thank you! We check in on the 21st so I will keep checking!!