Portofino Bay Renovations

Has anyone recently/currently stayed at Portofino Bay? We have reservations in April and are hearing horror stories that rooms near the renovations are having to go without water and power between 1000 - 1700. Anyone experienced or heard similar? Thanks all.

We stayed there in early January and had no issues. I think the room directly below us was undergoing renovation, one day we heard some banging for maybe an hour. Never heard anything else, and never saw any construction.

We were there over Thanksgiving week and I heard rumors (that I’m pretty sure were true…) that they had started the reno early and to avoid the east wing. So, I called and stressed that we had people with asthma issues so we couldn’t be around that. I also said it again at check in. We got rooms that had already been renovated and saw none of the construction. So, my advice is to tell them repeatedly that you don’t want to be around that. Not a 100% guarantee of not getting those rooms, but possible to be considered for already reno ones. It may have helped that we were only there 2 days.

Thanks for the responses and ideas. Has anyone else heard if this is true? I don’t want the chance of this happening even if I do the preventative measures mentioned above. My 45 day cancellation window is the 18th. Wondering if I should cancel and rebook somewhere else?

This is from Fall 2019. Construction was definitely obvious, but not in the way of guests if they were out of the room between 9:30 am - 4:30 pm.
Portofino construction?

Stayed there last week and a half Saturday through Wednesday, in wing over toward hillside pool. Renovated room, used both other pools, ate at Bice, sat in piazza. I saw/heard/smelled no construction but obviously possible going on in other parts. In comparison, then briefly stayed at Dolphin where they warned of paint fumes in certain areas although didn’t experience that there either. Agree with other commenters to perhaps call before and then repeat when checking in that need to avoid. At this point, if in a “regular” type of room, it seems like they should have one to offer away from construction. Then again, I love Portofino so would take that route versus switching to another hotel and in comparison you and others may be fine with another hotel.

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