Portofino Bay Club level help

Looking for recommendations for club level at Portofino Bay. Never stayed club level at UNI

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Thanks for hopping over to the Forum! There’s people here that will help.

Which recommendations are you looking for? I’ve stayed club level there twice.

The question from chat was Hard Rock or PB club level with a 12 & 14 year old.

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Well, PB is the only one that has full hot breakfast in the club lounge, which is why I prefer it. A non-sit down breakfast at Universal is hard to come by, so if you’re breakfast eaters but don’t want to spend an hour then I’d go with that. PB also has a Starbucks and a nice quick serve pizza place. Basically, for me it comes down to the practicality of the club level offerings.

HRH is walkable to the parks, though, and has the more edgy, fun ambiance so as hotels go that might be the more fun option for teens.


I’ve done it at PB and have some photos of the breakfast spread…let me see if I can dig them up.

I didn’t get a photo of it apparently but there was a middle table with buffet servers with hot food like eggs and breakfast sandwiches.

Also we did the late night one with desserts and my mom did the booze one. I wasn’t as impressed with the dessert selections. They were okay. Mom said the wine was cheap but if you’re okay with that. The area is very nice and large with a nice view and outdoor balcony area.


Both of the lounges also have cold cereal in the morning, and soft drinks, water and snacks available all day.

We were partial to stopping in after pool time to grab snacks for the room while we changed for HHN evenings.


Yup we loaded up on water bottles for the parks and put 'em in our backpacks.

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Here is a pic of the dinner menu from 9/2022 for what it is worth.