Portafino / Royal Pacific

Hello - going to Universal for the first time.

We are planning on going to Universal first then WDW - but only because of pricing at Portafino, otherwise we can stay at Roayal Pacific.

1 - Is Portafino worth the $. Seems like a great hotel and it isn’t cost prohibitive due to how we are doing the vacation - but if we switch to Royal Pacific would we be disappointed. I do like staying at nice hotels as it is a rest from the frezy of the trip

2 - Is Club level worth it at Royal Pacific? We can either stay at Portafino or do Club Level at Royal Pacific - just figuring out which one would be a better experience.

All the hotels are great. We have chosen Royal Pacific for our next stay. My reasons are we are a family with a 10/13 year old so wanted a hotel to fit my kids personalities. For me even though Portfino is family friendly I don’t think my kids would like it. Saying that I have booked the Jurassic Park kids suite. If it was just me and DH I would book Portfino in a heart beat. Standard rooms are smaller at RPR so depends what level if room and ages of those travelling.
As for club level. We normally do club level but have opted not to this time. Looking at the advertised hours and offerings the times clash with when we would be in the parks and I would hate to be rushing the kids to leave the park to make it to the “free” snacks and drinks. With the extra $100 per day we can buy snax drinks etc of our chosing when we want.
This prob hasn’t helped you choose s hotel but they are both really popular.
Another thought RPR is within walking distance to the parks at Portfino you really need to wait for a water taxi but they are every 10 mins and its only a 5 minute journey.

Thank you!. I would have loved to book the Dispicable Me suite - but a bit too much. I was thinking the same about club level - if the hours were better - I would be more enticed to do it. For hotels - I usually do take the kids into account - want it to be about them as well. But I also like to have a resbit for myself / wife. We took the kids to Italy last year so thought Portafino might be fun to try out. Any other suggestions you have about Universal is very much appreciated - this is our first time and think everyone will have a great time.

Stayed at both and PBH had a more adult feel to it. We are going back to RPR next trip only because its slightly less expensive and its only us two. The room size was noticeable and if we were with there with kids again PBH hands down just for the room size. Mums correct about the walk though, you’ll probably only do it once. Oh, best pillows I’ve ever slept on in my life!

Awesome - so great to hear. Both hotels look awesome. Do like the thought of extra space at Portafino though

You should download the uni lines app. Use same log in as here and there is a chat room features for Uni. Lots of helpful folks on it.

Will do!

So staying at Portafino with a BAY view - any rooms I should request or avoid. We aren’t in the room that much - and it isn’t that big a deal - but anything to ask for that isn’t an issue to accommodate - why not take advantage. Let me know.

You may want to ask for the wing closer to the boat dock, the wing on the far side of the bay can be a bit of a walk.

Thank you!