Port orleans riverside!

my boyfriend and i are heading to Walt Disney World in October. We will be staying at the Port Orleans Riverside. I have stayed here before in years past. I’m asking for help on what room I should request. Either a room very close to the parking lot so we can see our rental car from the window/ and or a room close to one of the pools. I would rather stay in Alligator bayou because that’s where I’ve always stayed and loved it. We don’t need a great view just something close to to either the parking lot and or a pool. Thanks so much!

I haven’t stayed there yet, so can’t give a rec, but have you checked out TP’s room finder feature?


hy do you need to see your car from your room?


We stayed in a room close to and facing the parking lot. I don’t think we could see cars from our room though due to the shrubbery and trees.

We’ve always stayed in AG and I love it. My favorite building so far has been 34 just because it’s so close to the first bus stop.