Port Orleans Riverside vs French Quarter

What are the major differences between the two (if any)?
Does one have any advantages over the other?

Riverside is much larger! For example Riverside has four bus stops, FQ has one. POR has multiple quiet pools as well.

When looking at the room types for both, it seems POR has rooms with pull-down beds, whereas POFQ does not. That’s a major difference for my family. My son has no interest in sharing a bed with his little sister!

Major differences are:

  1. Size of the Resort (Riverside is much larger)
  2. Table Service Restaurant at Riverside only
    3 Multiple pools at Riverside (including a quiet pool I think?)
  3. French Quarter rooms maximum of four people (plus infant if applicable), some rooms at Riverside can accommodate five people as they have the small pull-down bed.

That being said, POFQ gets a lot of love around here, including from me! We will be arriving at POFQ in 31 days :heart_eyes:

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  • French Quarter is more compact so even the most remote room is a relatively short walk from QS/front-desk. Riverside is ginormous so the most remote room is a LONG walk from QS/front-desk. This can be important if getting the refillable mugs & you need to hit QS to get your free beverage.
  • Riverside QS is much bigger, although I liked the food options at FQ more, but YMMV based on how much you like Cajun options (lots of non-Cajun available, but FQ had some interesting specials that I really liked).
  • Riverside has a full service restaurant while FQ does not, although the one time we ate at Boatwright’s it was probably the most disappointing TS meal we ever had at DIS so I’m not sure the restaurant is a feature.
  • Riverside has multiple bus stops while FQ has 1. FQ gets picked up/dropped off first at non-busy times when a bus is hitting both resorts.
  • Riverside has a bar with Yeeha Bob who puts on a piano show that’s well regarded. FQ has none.
  • FQ has 1 big pool, while Riverside has 1 big central pool and IIRC 4 quiet pools. You can pool hop between Riverside/FQ though. Personally we preferred the FQ pool.
  • Riverside offers some more activities like fishing, for an additional cost, that FQ does not.

Overall we prefer FQ between the two, but both are fine resorts and it’s not a bad walk to go back and forth if you wanted to see Yeeha Bob or check out the FQ pool, plus you can take the water taxi that runs to DS between them as well. If going Riverside, I’d pick your building carefully to be relatively close to QS so the walk for drinks doesn’t upset you. The FQ compactness wins it for us, plus the beignets. Riverside doesn’t have beignets and they are ridiculously good…

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I’ve not stayed at either, but have visited both. If I was going to stay at a mod, FQ would be my first choice for all of the reasons stated above. Plus, I just like the theming better.