Port Orleans Riverside to Poly transportation

I am heading to Disney on Saturday and staying at Port Orleans Riverside. We have dining reservations at Ohana for Saturday night. Considering using Uber to go from POR to the Poly. Any idea of a) cost, b) travel time and c) whether we can request an Uber with a car seat? Also considering the Minnie Lyft, but that’s $20 one way, so maybe Uber is cheaper? Advice please! Thanks!

The Uber estimator says Uber X plus car seat is about $16?

Also note that the Minnie Van Service is now $25 one way. Apparently it was popular enough for a quick price hike.

If you have the time, also note that you can hop the bus to MK and then either boat or monorail back to the Poly easily enough which can make for a fun new transportation option depending on if you have had the chance to catch the monorail or boat prior…

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You could take the boat to Disney Springs and jump on a bus to the Poly and all that would be free. Just maybe not as fast.

Oh! That, potentially, could take a very long time- but could be fun.


Lyft and Uber are ABSOLUTELY amazing in Disney World. Quick, cheap and lots of minivans if there is a lot of people. Maybe Lyft/Uber to dinner to be on time and then come back with shuttle and boat?

When we awere at POR, we actually got Lyft to pick us up straight from the parking lot closest to our room.