Port Orleans Riverside- reassure me

I own DVC so I’ve never investigated cash reservations, but I’m going on a quick trip at the end of April and there was no DVC availability. I got a passholder rate of $217 at Riverside. That was far below anything else available on property (we want the 60 day FPP window) so I’m wondering if there’s something “wrong” with the resort, like lots of construction or something. I’ve always wanted to try that resort and the price is right. It will only be 2 adults, 1 or 2 park days, and we will have a car. I wanted to try the Swan/Dolphin but there’s no availability.

The resort is almost completely renovated. They are just about beginning the Royal rooms. All others rooms should be finished. It is a beautiful resort- very large. The food court is very good.


We have stayed here in a pinch too. It is a deluxe feel in a moderate price. The rooms certainly aren’t “deluxe” but the whole area is very beautiful and the rooms are renovated and ample for what we need.

Beautiful resort. Don’t worry.

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One of our favorite resorts. You’ll love it.

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It’s nice! Don’t worry.

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My wife and I love this resort and stay at it when we can. Carribean Beach used to be at a lower price than POR but since the Skyway opened it is actually more expense. POF is somewhat more expensive at times but not always. They say POF is somewhat more relaxed but I don’t think so. Remember that POR has two sections, one is Alligator Alley and the other is Magnolia Bend. I have not stayed at Alligator Alley which I believe is more family friendly with and extra bed. My wife on the other hand prefer Magnolia Bend which looks like southern mansions from the outside.

The rooms are fine, but everything else is really beautiful and high quality. I did a resort “mostly” trip there to try to win my DH over to more time at Disney - it worked.

Very nice resort…was there in Aug. 2019…it does have a slightly deluxe feel at the moderate price but the rooms (we stayed in a Royal room–8 year old daughter loved it) are much smaller than the Yacht Club and a deluxe resort; it has two different areas with Alligator Alley and Magnolia Bend. Very quiet and not too crowded but it was late August so you have to take that into consideration…walking around resort wasn’t too bad; sit down restaurant is ok to good; breakfast and lunch was standard resort faire but it was overall pretty good; the main complaint from people is sometimes the bus situation with multiple stops but we had a car so it wasn’t an issue for us at all…portorleans.org is a website dedicated to the resort if it is still up(?) with info for you about any construction…have fun!

Thanks to everyone for the input! I’m excited to try this resort.

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We are DVC too, but never have enough points so we need to do cash reservations sometimes. I was pleasantly surprised by our first stay at POR (so much so we stayed again a few months later). It really is a beautiful resort.

We just got back from a trip in December and it was great. I honestly don’t get the appeal of the Deluxe hotels. I feel like the price often rivals the Ritz-Carlton but at the end of the day the Deluxe resorts at Disney are no where near that high end and the focus should be time in the parks.

You’re going to have a great time.