Port Orleans Riverside: Alligator Bayou or Mansions (Royal Room,)?

OK…we are prepping for our vacation in January 2017 and have the opportunity to get a deal on a royal room. Right now we are booked for a preferred room in the AB. Our son has some challenges that have us wanting shorter walks, less wait times and quiet. Our daughter (and me the mom) would LOVE the opportunity to be in a royal room. Do we stay where we are for the sake of sanity…LOL?

My opinion (only because we stayed there) would be a royal room. The fireworks in the headboards are pretty nice. We had preferred, and were close to a garden in a mansion.

If you are using the transportation (bus system), you will want to ask to be NEAR the food court / center / bus area… like everyone else, I imagine, at that resort. If you are using a rental car, like we did, the mansion was easy parking, easy in, easy out.

Be sure to specify you want a mansion with an elevator. I don’t know why that’s important, but the trip in 2015 we took there, we were told to request it… so we did.

Have fun!

One thing worth mentioning is that the resort is HUGE. We stayed in a royal room that was on the side of the building nearest the bridge to the main building. It was still a 7-10 minute walk. We were not very close to a bus stop though and had to either go to the main building or down two mansions to get to one.

It was very quiet though and the AB section is supposed to be even quieter, so you shouldn’t have an issue there.

Don’t let yourself think that boys won’t like the royal rooms because of the princess decor. There is also other little touches like genie lamp bath fixtures and the rug from Aladdin in the carpet. Most boys love them too.

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I have stayed at POR twice in the last year. If being close to a bus stop is important with a Garden View Room, I would either want to be in Buildings 24, 25 or 34 if you stay in the Alligator Bayou. We always choose this because DW is a bed hog. We can’t share a queen size bed. It’s bad for our relationship. With a standard room in AB, we get the benefit of the fold-down for DS. Everyone is very comfy. If you choose one of these options you’ll be very near the West Depot, the first bus stop, which is is nice because you almost always get a seat. If you’re set on the Mansions, I would request building 85 Accadian, which is very near the North Depot and the second bus stop and you’ll still almost always be sitting. If you want to be close to the Lobby, Oak Building 90 is the better choice IMO, looking at the map.

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