Port Orleans Riverside-2 questions

Anyone ever stayed in a 5th sleeper room at this resort? Is that pull down bed big enough for a big kid? 17 year old girl.

We have 17 yo girl and 14 yo boy at that stage where they don’t want to sleep with us, lol

Also, at that resort, what is the ideal bus stop to be near? Early for empty morning buses but a long pick up time throughout the resort? Or last or second to last for less drive time?


We have stayed at CBR, which has the same size pull down bed as POR. My 17 year old slept on it for 3 nights in April, and did just fine. She is 5ft 4in. She is a side sleeper, so sleeps kind of curled up anyway. Her feet did hang over the edge if she laid on her back. It worked well for us.

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Hi I also looked for this info and found the answer from Disney’s Mom Panel.
When folded down, the bed measures approximately 33" wide by 66" long. This Murphy style bed has a very comfortable mattress that is a little over 5" thick.

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I can’t answer the question about the 5th sleeper, but I do know those rooms are in Alligator Bayou which would be closest to either the West depot (first pickup) or the South depot (last pickup). I would personally use the West depot first pickup to guarantee a spot on the bus and plan for just a slightly longer time to the parks; you would be the first drop off then when returning and you are tired.

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Hi. We had a 5th sleeper there recently (we were in building 18 I think - it was a preferred room). My kids are not big so I can’t help you out there. However I slept on basically the same pull down in a BCV room in 2016. I’m 5’5" and at the time was about 160lbs. I had no issue with it but I’m a fairly compact, side sleeper.

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We stayed there with 2 queens and the pulldown. It’s not a huge bed, but put it this way, if they don’ want to share a queen with each other or you guys, then they’ll make due with the pulldown no matter how big it is! :smiley: I have kids that don’t want to share a bed either. One would rather sleep on the floor than together. So, the pull down is a bonus!


How tall is she? I am 5’2 and fit comfortably. I would use the West bus stop as it is the first to be picked up and dropped off.

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The pull down beds at BCV, and the other DVC resorts, are actually longer than the ones at CBR and POR. My 5 foot 9in son slept on the one at BCV and BWV just fine, but he is way too tall for the ones at POR and CBR. They are 64 inches long at CBR/POR, and 72 inches in the DVC rooms.


I’ve stayed in AG twice, once with a 5’2" adult that slept comfortably on the 5th sleeper and then another time with a 5.6" 10-year old who slept very comfortably on it for a week. They’re not that tiny, they are actually pretty comfy.

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We’ve done the 5th sleeper rooms, tallest sleeper on the pull down was 5’2", 105lbs. She found it very comfy (another side sleeper, as I saw several others who liked the bed). I would worry if the user was taller than 5’4" or didn’t like to side sleep. Or, if they are a heavier person.

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Thanks everyone, appreciate the help!