Port Orleans Resort Riverside or Caribbean Beach Resort?

I’m taking my sister to Disney in July. This will be her first trip since she was about three, and I’m stuck between Port Orleans Resort Riverside and Caribbean Beach Resort. She likes both of them, but I know she’s a huge fan of the beach and would love some of the views there, but I’ve heard transportation at the Caribbean is horrible. I’ve stayed at Riverside before, and I’ve liked it, so I’m fine with either. What would you suggest?

I am biased, but… Caribbean Beach is my love. Riverside is good, don’t get me wrong… but I would personally choose CB.

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Princess Rooms at Riverside. Not sure who’s more excited for the room in my family. My wife or our daughters.
Disclaimer: We haven’t been yet. Just youtube videos.

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That room look gorgeous! I’ve seen the pictures/videos of it

They really do!! For us there was a no other option with our girls. Out of all the resorts we picked Riverside for those rooms. We were so happy later on to read/watch reviews saying Riverside is always a top pick…not just for those rooms but for the resort in general.

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We’ve stayed at both and prefer Riverside. We pretty much had the same experiences with the buses at both locations, not bad as long as you are picked up before the food court during busy times. We liked the vibe better at POR.

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The boat to DS would be a nice option at POR if you don’t plan to be in the parks at night.

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I’ve stayed both and preferred Caribbean Beach.

But I always have a rental car and never use Disney Transportation. Sooooo. I don’t really know about the bus situation.

Coronado Springs is my favorite moderate though.

Unless you have a family and book at Cabin at Ft Wilderness.


We are driving down, so I guess I could use my car if transportation was an issue, but I prefer to not drive around Disney property.