Port Orleans reopening predictions

Predictions on when Port Orleans resorts will reopen?

I asked this earlier in the week and the results were mixed. Some predicted fall in time for the 50th and some predicted 2022.

I really hope it will at least be announced before 3rd Aug which is when the U.K. offer needs to be booked by.

Well, I have made the grand sacrifice, and I have acted in such a way as to guarantee that POFQ, at least, will open in September. I wanted to switch to POFQ, but I was seduced by an alluring offer at the Boardwalk, so I hastily booked it, moved my BLT deposit over, and now when that gorgeous POFQ opens, I will have no choice but to stay with the Boardwalk. And the Boardwalk is great! It really is! But it ain’t POFQ. Sniffle!

And you’re welcome. :grinning: