Port Orleans - French Quarter & Disney Springs

Has anyone taken the boat from Port Orleans - French Quarter to Disney Springs? We are a family of 4 (toddler and infant) and have never been to Disney Springs. We’re staying at French Quarter resort so thought it makes sense our first night. Any tips? Also, where do you recommend we go - hoping to not have to walk too far from where the boat ports.

The boat to DS is one of my favorite things about POFQ. It is so pretty and relaxing, especially in the evening. Wolfgang Puck Express is a QS with very good food and is close to the boat dock if I remember correctly. If you prefer TS, then I recommend either T-Rex Cafe or Raglan Road with young kids for the fun atmosphere. You will have to walk a bit to get to those two restaurants, but it is a lovely stroll at night with the entertainment and lighting around the lake.

I 100% agree.


We’re going to stay at POFQ next Spring, and I found that link to be helpful. Since we haven’t actually gone yet, I am unsure how current the info in that link is…I would especially be interested in knowing if the Flag Color indicators on the boats are still accurate (i.e. purple flags for POFQ).

We last stayed at POR 10 years ago and agree that the ferry ride to the (then) Downtown Disney area. We loved it and POR so much that when we added an impromptu day to our 5 night cruise last March, we opted to take the ferry from the (now) Disney Springs area to POR for some nostalgia. However, the locations have changed and I feel like they don’t seem as convenient. They used to drop off in a centrally located location. Now they are clear to one side. So if you have to get to the other side, you are either going to do a lot if walking, or you are going to be doing a lot of waiting for a boat/route change to get you where you want to be in DS. I still live the ferry ride, just not the new setup as much.

In updating the DS area they also changed the bus system as well. Before there were two drop off locations. Now there is just one. So, it’s still probably a wash no matter which form of transportation you choose.