Port Orleans French Quarter - any idea when the pool will reopen?

Hi! We’re two weeks out from our Port Orleans French Quarter stay and I just realized I made a huge rookie mistake not checking pool closures before booking our hotel. The POFQ pool has apparently been closed since January and the WDW site just lists April 2024 for reopening. Does anyone have any insight on how close they are to finishing the work on this and reopening the pool?

I feel so silly having let this happen. I literally changed our reservation from Riverside a month ago on a whim to French Quarter despite the extra $40 a night specifically for the King Triton sea serpent slide, which I remember loving from my one Disney trip as a kid. :weary:

We don’t check in until Saturday the 20th so I’m crossing my fingers it’s open by then, but I’m on the fence about whether to change back to Riverside if we’re going to have to walk there to swim anyway. Thank you so much for any insight and for not laughing too much at me…


Have you tried calling the hotel directly? They probably won’t tell you an exact date if they aren’t sure yet, but it’s worth a try.

ETA: I like FQ better than Riverside. More compact and I like the style better. Plus the beignets. :yum: I hope it works out for you.


On March 30, someone on wdwmagic.com posted that it was now open, and that Mickey attended the small opening ceremony.


Someone on chat posted that it’s open.


Ah thank you! This is such great news. And if the poster in Chat sees this, thank you for asking over there—I’ve been a TP subscriber for years but never used the Lines chat, but I’ll be sure to in the future.

Thanks again!

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