Port Excursions booking

Sort of specific question. We are traveling with extended family. We have 3 rooms. My sister is in a concierge suite, we are silver Castaway Club, and my parents are first time Disney cruisers. We all have different windows for booking port excursions. Does anyone know if my sister will be able to book for all of us when her window opens (reservations are linked)? Or will we all have to try separately at our own windows? Thanks for any advice/experience.

Typically you can only book excursions/have them booked when your window opens - linked or not.

Concierge may be able to do something with excursions, but may not as I know on the ship those not registered to your sister’s cabin will not be allowed to participate in the Concierge Happy Hour or the special Concierge meet and Greet or any other Concierge perks.

I figured my sister being able to do all of them would be too good to be true.

She can always ask, but I’d be prepared for her to say no.

Now, you don’t say if you have kids… If one of YOUR party was to be booked in with your parents, you could definitely book those two cabins at the same time.

My sister has a 2 year old and I have 2 boys (4&7), but everyone is booked in their immediate family’s room.

Sometimes people will put one of their kids in the room of non-statuses family members in name only. The only time it would matter is Muster Drill and IF there was an emergency the person would have to go to that station because the cabin is granted the status of the highest Castaway Club member in the room.

Does NOT apply to moving a name from Concierge though - other than if that kid was already a CC member that level would apply to the room.

Probably easier to just leave it alone now.