PORS- Which rooms?

Which standard room would you choose at PORS and why? Does one area have an advantage with the buses?

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The bus stops are well distributed through the resort. Others will disagree but I really don't think the resort is so huge that it is unmanageable. Each section is set in such a beautiful location / landscaped - it's just charming.

Also, since the rooms do not have a balcony the views really do not matter - your blinds will likely be shut for privacy anyway. All that said the bridge locations to get across the river to the food court or walking the path directly - all of them have a solution that is equally convenient. This is the only resort - ALL deluxe included - where the food court is convenient enough that I purchase a resort mug as I know we will use them repeatedly since it's so close.

I like one near a quiet pool for family swim late at night after a day in the parks.

Other tip: the food court is great, gets busy but is just a nice place. There are two of us, and we get one make your own pasta and one make your own salad. They are HUGE and could really feed 3 people. We split & share 1/2 and 1/2 and it's a great & large meal. Get corn bread and you are set! We take our food trays to the River Roost lounge in the evenings since it's more quiet & comfortable and I order a Mai Tai from the bar.

If you have littles, you really should consider the Pirate Adventure down the river - the kids LOVE it! We like the arcade at PORS too, great games, and have engaged a an hour or two of Fast & Furious competitions. The pool is good & the pool bar patio is nice / shaded. In the evenings its fun that there are horses walking the path.

Most of all, and this is a generalization, I feel like families staying at PORS are happier. They seem to roll with it and be more flexible. I meet more people at PORS and not sure what about the resort supports more conversation, but it does.

We are staying there in September and I am SO looking forward to it!!!!


There are bus stops all over so that doesn't matter as much. if you want to be near food court that would matter, but really they have most of those in close proximity locked down now to preferred. I'm not a fan of requests I would rather just let Disney do their magic and assign my room, remember you never know what your favorite is till you try it. My favorite may not be the same as what you or someone else has.

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