PORS or Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Company is paying for 5 nights at Yacht for work event. We are coming prior to that and can’t decide between Jambo club level and PORS RR. Love the animals with morning coffee and eating at Jiko but PORS is so easy, great food court and I feel like I can grab morning coffee in my yoga pants. Don’t use $$ as a factor. How do you pick your resorts?

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POR with your CL track record


Are you planning on spending time at the resort? If so, I would go AKL. If most of your time will be spent in the parks, go with POR.

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***. My “comp” package came - 3 separate stays, can’t be consecutive and all for club level standard view rooms, although mine were deluxe club rooms. Park tickets that only I can use and cannot upgrade or give away (I guess I could claim them then hand to someone else for finger printing).

I booked @niter and wifey another vacation for Sept 19-21, staying at PORS Royal Room with dining package, Illumination bubble party Sat and MNSSHP Sunday. Did you see on chat that he’s playing with their memory maker pics from their July trip?

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Wait, why can’t you wander around Club level at Jambo in yoga pants? Have I been living a faux pas all these years? :wink:

I’d go with PORS because going from Jambo club level to YC would feel like a decent downgrade, but going from PORS to YC would feel like an upgrade.

Well problem solved - using one of the three nights 13 days from now for a “play date” weekend with @MDU and @Jugs and the kids at Harambe Nights. Staying AKL. So PORS it is for September split stay with Yacht club.

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It’s Disney. Rock the yoga pants!!

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