What’s the difference? Traveling with DS3… anyone else traveled with one that age? No park tickets- just the hotel 2 days before DCL.

Riverside is much bigger and spread out while POFQ is more compact. FQ has 1 pool while Riverside has 5 IIRC - 4 “quiet” pools which are just regular pools and then 1 that has the kid activities (water slide etc.). POFQ just has a quick service restaurant while Riverside has both quick serve & a table service restaurant, although the one time we ate there it was bad (long ago & just 1 time so YMMV). Quick service is comparable, although FQ offered some more interesting menu with Cajun burgers etc.

Beyond that they are pretty similar. We prefer French Quarter due to the compactness primarily although the more vibrant color scheme doesn’t hurt. We prefer the FQ pool as well although it depends a little on what you’re looking for. Both are good and top our lists if we’re going for a moderate resort.

We were just at POFQ the first week in December and loved it. We were in building 4, and it was only a 2 minute walk to the bus shelters, and just a little more to catch the boat to DS. I really liked the compact feel of FQ.
We did walk up to POR one morning, and I think the omelets to order in the quick service restaurant were worth the walk. The beignets were the highlight of FQ eating. Probably can’t go wrong with either choice, but especially with a little one, I’d prefer FQ.

You will enjoy the small size of FQ but still can get to POR.

We’re at FQ right now. Stayed at RS before and will stay at FQ from now on. We’re in bldg 5 facing hot tub and its perfect w 10 and 12 to boys. They can go back and forth to get drinks and to pool at hot tub. There a big grassy area on other side to play ball on. The biggest difference is the transportation. Only one stop and except for on time where we had to go through RS ou busses have been direct from FQ to parks and back. Same with boat. We were going to rent a car mid stay but travel has been so easy we didn’t need to. We can go to RS to eat and swim. Funny, we’ve always wanted to stay at Beach Club. We went from Epcot to Boardwalk today which is a 5 stop ride. One of the stops was BC, the transportation takes soooo much longer than FQ I doubt we’ll ever stay there. The pool looks great but we’re probably better off going to Typhoon Lagoon and staying at FQ for how easy getting around has been.

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I love both but prefer POR. Since you are planning on resort time and no parks, I would definitely do POR. Lots more to do there (surrey bikes, fishing, multiple pools, better food court). Try to catch Yeha Bob’s show if he is performing during your stay!

POFQ is great, but mostly for convenience as we try to get to the parks as fast and easily as possible. I love the theming of POR too. So pretty!

That said… Why no park days? It would be tough for me to be riiiiiiight there and not go :blush:

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I’m slightly nervous about this myself… which is why we aren’t staying at our “home” which is BC, or Poly, which is where I have always wanted to stay…

We are only going to be there one or two nights before a cruise, and I don’t want to go anywhere near the parks with a stroller. I have always wanted to stay and just explore resorts, and I never feel like I can do that when I have park tickets to be used…so this is a good way to be able to check everything else out :slight_smile: