POR to Ohana?

I reserved an 8:15am Ohana breakfast today for my April trip, they have time slots available every 15 minutes all morning. It’s evening EMH at the park so I am not in a rush to get to MK.

We are staying at PO Riverside. What’s the best way to get to Ohana? We have never eaten in a resort, only in the parks and DS.

Thank you!

Easiest - and least amount of time - would be Lyft or Minnie Van.


The only other option (Lyft would be best) would be to try to get a bus at POR before 7 and bus to MK. Then boat/monorail to Poly.

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If you don’t want to pay for lyft, catch the early bus to MK (be out by 6:30) and take the boat (or monorail if it’s open) to Poly. We stayed at POR and had a PPO breakfast at BOG. Catching the early bus got us to MK between 7/7:30.

Bus to MK, boat to Poly.