POR- Royal Guest room help

Which option gives me a better chance of being closer to the lobby and dinning in regards to the Royal Guest rooms? Pool, standard, river, or garden? Thanks!!!

The river side is what faces the main building, however, the only two buildings with RR are both very close so I would say get the room type you prefer. You're talking about a difference of a couple of minutes walk time because they are all so close.

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I have stayed in the Royal Guest rooms before (standard view). The travel time was not bad but just trying to get as close as I can smile

Then I would agree River or pool view. Those rooms are all very close to the bridge.

Our Riverside Room Finder says there are 16 river view rooms are within a 3-minute walk of the lobby. Click on any of the buildings highlighted in red to see the specific rooms. Click on any room to see the view from that room, and the words to use with Disney to request that specific room.

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Thanks everyone for their help! I went with the Garden View bc there was only a 16 total dollar difference in cost between it and the standard room.

There were some TP recommended rooms based on the room finder. I have never requested a specific room/rooms before. Is it best to make that request at check in? Or is there a better way?

I was tempted to do the pool. If was going in the non-winter months I would go for it. The river-view was just a wee bit too much money for my budget for my next trip.