POR Room

I am staying at Port Orleans-Riverside in November for the first time. Can I get some suggestions on which building and room to put for my request? I was looking at Building 26 room 2664 or 2616? It looks close enough to the Main building, Transportation and Pool. Or Building 16…What do you all think??

I would love Building 14 it looks close to all, but I did not pay for preferred. Should I try for it? or just a dream?


Anyone? :frowning:

26 is fine, close enough. We stayed non-preferred in building 17 and preferred in building 27 and the walk from 17 was only a short distance longer than from 27. I’d try for 16 if you have a non-preferred ressie and request a room that faces quiet pool so that you aren’t looking at the parking lot. 16 is also a short walk to South Bus Depot.

Thank you so much @J_ClaytonIII. I appreciate it tremendously. :smile: I’ll hope for building 16.