POR room request AB

Hi All. My trip is coming up in about 13 days!!! I have questions about my room request fax. Our 3 rooms are all Pool View. I know Building 18 is Preferred, but it looks as if it houses a few Pool View rooms. Am I looking at this correctly? What exactly should I request on the fax if I’d like to try and get Building 18? Also, my family has 3 rooms under 3 different reservations, can I include the other 2 rooms on my fax request? One last thing, has anyone had trouble with the South Depot? Is it just too busy? Thanks so much!!!


On my fax to POR, I put on my fax request that my family had two different reservations (and I put the reservation number). I asked if we could be in the same building and it worked! Same floor, same building.