POR Ground level Murphy bed rooms?

I am currently searching for a good room match for us at POR :smile: however, my search is coming back empty…we are a family of 6 (one infant), so we are in a room with a murphy bed, garden view. I am searching for a murphy bed room, ground level, garden view and I am getting nothing! I’ve also searched every category that has a murphy bed (with just murphy bed and ground level as my search) and nothing every time. Does this mean there aren’t any murphy bed rooms on ground level? We will have two double strollers…Please tell me I don’t need to lug the strollers up stairs multiple times a day…

You’ll probably get a room with the Murphy bed due to the size of your party. You can make a fax room request via TP or on your own about 4-5 days prior to your arrival date. In it, you may request a ground floor, garden view.

you can also make the ground floor request in MDE when you do your online check in.

Otherwise, you’re really at the mercy of the room assignors at POR. Requests are not guaranteed.

Thank you! Any idea why Touring Plans doesn’t list any rooms as available with murphy bed and ground floor? so strange…

It’s an ongoing process to find out and a moving target. Resorts can change/refurb rooms.

Most of the photos you see on the website were user submitted. The more people that submit room views and details, the better that feature will become.

I just realized I was not reading the search results correctly…i was thinking that pictures would show up at the bottom with the results…I didn’t realize the results were on the map…oy! Thanks :wink:

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