Pop Warner Week 2016?

Anyone know when Pop Warner week is this year? I would assume it’s 12/4-12/10 based on the usual timeline. Just wondering b/c we were there during PW last year and booked one week earlier this year to avoid it.

@haylekk according their website December 3, 2016 - December 10, 2016

Why do want to avoid it? Do they make the parks more crowded?

Thank you! I had trouble finding it on their site before but did a little digging and saw the dates.
It was still a slower week compared to rest of the year for sure, but towards mid-end of the week especially (people say as teams get eliminated and have more free time) they started hitting the parks in large groups which personally I’d rather avoid.

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The overall crowd level of the parks was affected a bit, not terribly but the addition of several large groups wasn’t super desirable.

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We were there 5 years ago during pop warner week without even realizing it. We stayed at the BW. Going the same week this year and again staying at BW. Had originally booked arrival night for POP, but after realizing it was pop warner week changed arrival night to POR. I’ve heard it really doesn’t affect crowds much, and hoping this to be true:)

I found out about Pop warner week bc I was wondering why on the crowd calendar it shows low crowds for the week, but that week is excluded from the free dining promotion. Didn’t make sense.

Ditto what @jhenniger said - have been during Pop Warner week and didn’t realize it either.

We will be there that week (12/5-12/10) and staying at OKW. We’ve thought about going down a day early and staying at one of the value resorts, but don’t want to stay at one with all of the Pop Warner teams or cheer squads. So, which values are the best for avoiding all of the teams? Thanks.

From what I understand LOTS of teams/squads stay at Pop, All Star Sports and All Star Movies. Are you flying in to Orlando? Not the same week, but we are flying in and b/c of the late flight times we are flying in the night before (arriving at MCO at 8 pm) and staying in one of the Hyatt rooms at the airport, the hotel IN the terminal (blows my kids minds lol) and having a car pick us up first thing the next morning. :slight_smile:

We are planning on driving down on Monday 12/5…doing an overnight drive and then checking into OKW early that morning. We have thought about driving down on Sunday, and trying to get into Orlando by 3pm. We’d need to find a room for that one night and were thinking a value would be worth the cost. We just want to avoid any kind of crazy crowds or buses since it will be just for one night and it’ll be our kids’ first trip (ages 4 and 2).

It sounds like All Star Music may be our best bet, which I think it still $98 per night…so not too bad. Our park to tour the next morning is AK, so being close would be a perk and we could just have our bags sent over to OKW while we tour AK. Of course we could always decide to stay at Coronado for an extra $90-$100…which may be worth it…not sure yet. Thanks for the info!

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FYI…we won’t be going to a park if we drive in on that Sunday (12/4)…and would probably just use that afternoon to go to Disney Springs. We do have a Water Park & Fun option on our tickets…so if we got in soon enough we could go to Typhoon Lagoon. That may be a game time decision.

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