Pop/Swan Indecision

Booked a 4 day trip with DD26 in August at Pop, where we’ve stayed before. Have never stayed at Swan but found a Hotwire Hot Rate that puts the Swan at the same cost (including fees!). What would you do and why?

You can stay in the Boardwalk area?! Why are you waiting?


I’m super tempted, but like I said, I’ve never stayed there before (have stayed at YC, BC, & BWI before). Just wondering if there were any reasons Pop would be the better choice. I’m seeing that skyliner isn’t the greatest right now for rope drop and park close, so I’m thinking it may be nice to be able to walk to those 2 parks. And we can walk to the other hotels for Disney buses on MK/AK days.

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The SL will give you access to the same parks you can walk to? Plus you will have all the dining/lounges in that area that are not available at pop?


If I do make the switch, no airport transportation, correct? What are the car service recommendations? I know I’ve seen that asked before, but never needed it so haven’t paid attention.

Hands down Swan. I love Pop but if i had the option to walk to 2 parks vs having to get on a long line 1.5hrs before park open, I would walk. And as @PrincipalTinker mentioned there are so many options for dining. Il Mulino in the Swan has never disappointed.


You know, a podcast I listen to just made an incredibly compelling argument for Swan/Dolphin over Pop, especially for those staying in 2022 (with end of DME). After listening to her talk about:

  • Location

  • Amenities

  • Dining options, both there and nearby

  • Cost comparison

I might be more inclined to stay at Swan/Dolphin over Pop - particularly for an EP/HS heavy visit - in the future than I was before.

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We typically stay at Pop but just finished a stay at Dolphin, and I don’t think I can go back to Pop. Being able to walk to HS and EPCOT was amazing. We walked to Yacht Club to take the bus to MK. We drove, but my sister flew and took Uber. She said it was $35.


Thank you for the input, I pulled the trigger and booked it! I’ve used Hotwire and Priceline before and haven’t been wrong yet (thanks to @JJT!!), but it’s still scary booking those Hot Rates :rofl:
My math was off, so it ended up being slightly more than Pop, but it was still pretty close!
Sounds like Uber is an acceptable and affordable mode of transportation to and from MCO, so I’ll plan on that.