Pop- Standard room

Hello! New to the whole requesting room through touring plans. well actually new to requesting rooms.

I’m trying to figure out what what I should request. We are staying at Pop in a standard room. Which would be closest to transportation and a pool.

Also, my mother in law will be coming and getting her own room. We don’t need adjoining rooms but having her close would be awesome since I am sure my younger daughter will want to take turns sleeping in each room.

Thanks in advance!

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Pop Preferred is closest to the pools and transport. Did u mean this or do u have a standard room?

I do have a standard room. Is there anything close to transport in Standard?

Of the standard rooms, I think buildings 1 or 3 of the 50’s section is going to put you in the closest proximity to the lobby, transportation, and a pool. Would do 1 if using buses more, or 3 if using skyliner more. I stayed in 3 last year with a lake view, and it was an easy 10 min walk to buses, and would be about the same to skyliner station. And 50’s has their own pool.


Thanks Tall_Paul! Any thoughts on how to request being close to mother in law but not adjoining? or do I just ask for adjoining?

Not totally sure, as I’ve only done adjoining rooms, but I would take a look at the views from the rooms and decide which wing of which building and then put your 2 requests in for a couple rooms apart on the same wing and floor. I’m guessing you’d get those rooms or something close enough that would work, but someone who has first-hand experience doing this exact thing may have better info.


In the notes section, put that you are vacationing with (insert name) who will be staying in Pop Standard during the same travel dates. If you have her reservation number, that can help too. 3 or 4 days before you go, call the front desk to confirm they received your request and to express how important it will be for your family to be close in proximity to each other, especially considering you will be spending more evening time at the resort due to parks closing early. Be super cheerful. If ur celebrating anything special, mention it here. Make sure you address the CM by name a couple times while talking. Butter them up and thank them for what ever they can do to make ur stay magical.


“Connecting” is the word for rooms next to each other with a door joining them together. “Adjoining” just means next to, but not necessarily with that connecting door.

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When we stayed in a standard room at Pop, they first put us in building 8 which was about as far as far can be. They moved us to building 6 which was great, actually really close to Everything Pop and not far from the Skyliner and pool. I would happily stay in 6 again.

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Thank you. that is very helpful!!

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How did you get moved? did you just kindly ask?

The line was long at reception, so we went straight to our assigned room to see how far it was. After realizing it was really far, I called the desk from the room phone as soon as we got there and asked to be moved. They did so and we just walked out to the new room.

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thanks! Hopefully we will be lucky if we have to call for being so far. I just worry with there being two of us.

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For our August trip, we had three rooms booked. Two were booked in my name, and one was booked in my son’s name (he and his wife). My son was booked in a preferred room (which means the 60s).

I put in a room request using the Touring Plans tool to have our two standard rooms as close together as possible, preferably in the 70s.

Upon arrival, they had noticed we were traveling with my son, and automatically booked us a bank of 3 adjacent PREFERRED rooms (no additional cost), where two were adjoining, which was quite nice.

I included in our room request the reservation numbers for the two rooms I had booked, but I didn’t include my son’s room reservation number. They still managed to realize we were together.


Wow sounds like you had the Disney magic!! I definitely will be putting our numbers on both requests.

Yea, building 8 was in another zip code. That’s where we were and it felt closer to Epcot than the lobby. :slight_smile:

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