pOP room sold out?


Just got of the phone with a CM, I was calling to add a day to my trip but decided against it ( for now) and may just add a RO reservation at the end. I asked what the cost difference would be if I changed from a preferred pool view to a regular preferred (we want to be close) she said they are all sold out of those rooms.. But then how come it's an option online to book a room like that?


Are you getting a discount on the stay you currently have booked? Sounds like may they don't have any rooms available in that category at the same offer as you currently have booked. Or it could just be one of those times you got unlucky with the person you were speaking to.


Discount.. I don't think so, I have a regular package booked. Unless she knows something I don't know.


That's the only thing I can think of. If a discount is involved with a package it must be valid and available for the entire length of your stay versus a room only discount where not applicable nights are just charged at the higher rate. I would recommend calling back in, it could be an error on their part or a discount that you aren't aware of.


I would call back and tell them you can see it online. I have had to say that before. They then recheck and find it.


They did the same thing to me when I booked ASMo. I could see the standard room on the screen but they said all they had was preferred. For a difference of $20 I wasn't going to argue. I only needed 1 night.