POP room requests

Hi all! Super excited our last min trip is approaching quickly yay! I thought maybe I could get some more opinions on best room requests for POP? I am thinking we really want to be close to transportation since it is a short trip. I read somewhere that a higher floor is quitter and maybe a view of fireworks? Thanks!

I love POP! If you want close to transportation, try to request 50’s or even 70’s. Nothing is really too far away IMO. My favorite is 80’s building 9. Not the closest to transportation, but for some reason, I love the location. I can’t help you with the higher floors. I always choose ground level so that I can just walk out the door and go. But a higher floor means less people pounding over your head. That said, I’ve never had that problem on the ground level.

Another POP lover over here. We request upper floor and 50s. If you get building I think 5or6 lake view you would see fireworks. @DarthD is right tho we have been on lower and no issues with noise and it means no messing around with elevators or stairs.

70s building 10 and 80s building 9 are as close to buses as you can get – just walk up that path right to them. 50s is way over on the other side. Building 9 you can see from the buses themselves right there. Yes, take an upper floor for quiet at night. My current favorite is 70s fourth floor water view – the lake is beautiful. :slight_smile:

hmmm loving the 70s building 10 idea :slight_smile: all of ur suggestions r great! What would I do wo liners?

We were 60s, building 4 - lake view. We definitely could see fireworks from our room, it was very cool. We were on the fourth floor it was VERY quiet. Except for the fireworks. We were woken up on the Villains Unleashed night by very intense fireworks at 1am - but that is pretty unusual. As for getting to buses, it really did not take long, but there are definitely rooms that are closer on property. For us, the quiet and lake view was worth it.