Pop Room Request?


If I want to request a standard room in the 50’s building 4th floor lake facing with a view of Epcot illuminations (I know that it is definitely not guaranteed, but I figured it is worth asking), is it better to request it on online check in or fax? Can I do a sentence like that on online check in or is it only boxes that you can check? I seem to have to ask for a specific room for the fax and I am not sure how to best do it. Any suggestions? Also, is 50’s building lake facing 4th floor the best to request for a standard room to maybe see illuminations from the room?

I’m not sure there is any good place to view fireworks from Pop. I’ve stayed there 3 times and only recall seeing the very tops of one of the displays. So, maybe don’t get your hopes up too high.

When you do a room request from your dashboard, there is a place to say something like “north facing room, upper floor, building 5”. Or you can leave a squence of room numbers.

It’s always worth asking even though as you know, there is no guarantee.

We stayed 50’s, building 3, fourth floor, facing lake last year. We could only see the very top fireworks for illuminations—and not from the room. We had to go out onto the walkway that wraps around to see them. The angle was wrong to see them from the room itself. Honestly, I wouldn’t factor it into your room request at all—now, 4th floor lake view is also great for being a quiet location—we loved it! But I wouldn’t get your heart set on fireworks views from anywhere at Pop.

Online check in has boxes to tick, and sometimes not many.

To do the fax, pick any room, and when you go in to configure it, delete the information it prepopulates, and write in what you want.

Online check in only has a dropdown menu from which you can pick up to two requests. For Pop they are the decades, highest floor, lake view, I think that’s it.
On the fax, delete any of the information you don’t want in there and put in your own. I also always add a nice note saying please and thank you, showing some enthusiasm. Does it help? I don’t have any way of knowing for sure but I think it can’t hurt. I’ve never gotten an exact room that I’ve requested but I have gotten close every time. I really think they do their best.

We’ve had an exact room and others very close. I always put a nice note with it too.

Just got back from a 5-night stay at this exact spot, except 3rd floor. Agreed, no legitimate view of any fireworks from there, but a nice peaceful spot.

Thanks for letting me know. Maybe I should make a different request. Any suggestions for what your family enjoyed for a standard room at Pop?

We actually loved 50s, 4th floor, lake view—Just not for fireworks! It was quiet and peaceful, and the view is really pretty especially in the morning.

Was it a really long walk to the food court and buses? It does sound peaceful which will be great after a day in the parks.

It was kinda a long walk? At least 5 solid minutes, I’d say, maybe more. And that was skirting along another building, etc. We weren’t on the dining plan (no mugs to refill) and weren’t taking midday breaks (only one back and forth to room per day), so it was perfect for us. Not sure I’d recommend it if you want quick access to the main lobby building though.

Edited to add: TP room finder says 6 min walk from where we were, and I’d agree with that.

I always request first floor. Since there is really no view to speak of (it’s just from the outside walkway), the hassle of going up an elevator or stairs is not appealing after a day at the parks.

We stayed in building 10 last time. Super short walk to buses and food court. You have to get the lay of the resort and find the shortcuts. Some of the paths sort of angle backwards but there are ones that with get you from A to B faster.

We stayed in Building 9 (80s section) in May and it was great. The 80s/90s sections have a “shortcut” to the bus loading area if you go via the parking lot.
It’s personal preference, but I always want to be on the top floor. I’ve never waited more than a minute for an elevator and don’t like the idea of people walking by my room at all hours, and those utility vehicles the grounds crews get out at the buttcrack of dawn. I would stay in Building 9 again for sure, I think the only buildings I would be meh about are 2 & 7, but even those aren’t terrible. I think once you get familiar with the layout and are strategic about your trips (like if you know you’re going to want to fill up your mug when you get back, take it to the park with you and fill it up on your way back to the room), it’s really not bad. It looks bigger on the map than it felt to me in person.