POP Room Location Requests

I assume that the room types/locations on the POP Century map hasn’t been updated to reflect the recent/current resort renovations? We specifically have a room with a roll in shower/2 queen beds reserved and were hoping to see where those rooms are located within the resort. From what I understand the rooms were gutted and what was once a HA room may not be now.

There is a post on the Disboards that is actively tracking roll in shower vs tub rooms at Pop. It is all based upon people reporting back after their Pop stay.

(I’m also trying to figure out our room requests for our July stay and was a bit frustrated w/ the map not being updated.)

Thank you! I am following that thread on the DIS :smile:

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Keep in mind that although some of the new rooms have showers only, they aren’t all HA roll in showers. They are a shower with an edge and a sliding glass door.