POP or Wyndham

POP or Wyndham Lake BV?
going early summer for week. Plan on taking midday break each day at resort. In total, Wyndham is about $300 cheaper. Is that worth it? I know that we can still get EMH and 60 day FP at Wyndham now, but will the Disney buses be worth the extra money? I’m concerned about the shuttles offsite. Anyone have experience with staying at Disney springs vs onsite?

We recently stayed at Pop and we hated it. The room is minuscule, the food court was busy and insanely crowded. Breakfast took us over 45 minutes and that was mostly standing in line to order and pay. The buses were also very crowded, waiting in line was an uncomfortable was to start the day so we opted to drive to the parks instead.

We will not be staying at Pop ever again. The decor is nice but everything else makes for an awful vacation experience.

We haven’t stayed at Pop since 2007, but we liked it then. Since then we have stayed at CBR and POR, both of which have had reported bus issues. We had very few difficulties with the buses. The issues we did have were leaving the parks, not the resorts. We also don’t tend to try to catch the bus during peak times. We either go to the parks early or a little later in the day. We plan on doing 2 rooms at Pop for our 2020 trip, as we will have 6 in our party instead of 5. I’ve not stayed offsite since I was a teenager, but I know some people do prefer the larger accommodations off site.

We stayed at Pop for two nights in December before moving to AKL. We liked the room a lot. The refurbed room seemed larger than ASMu did the year before. Loved that we had all the outlets. We drove, so I don’t know what buses are like, except that the bus stops for Pop at the parks are a long walk from the parks. You can use the AoA buses

The view around the lake was beautiful. We walked over to AoA to walk around, and it was pretty cool.

The food court was nice, but usually busy. I only went there to fill up my refillable mug with coffee, though. However, they do have Dole Whip off to the side, which was cool.

I haven’t stayed at the Wyndham near EP. however, we stayed at the one near MCO before driving home. If it’s anything like that one, it’s very nice. There were things about it that we liked better than AKL, like a larger refrigerator with a small freezer on top and a microwave.