POP or POR or FW cabins?

During my quest to find best and somewhat reasonable priced (in relative Disney terms) accommodations for my family of 5, I was offered by my MVT agent two rooms at POP (connecting) for about the same price as our room at POR. Or I could pay twice as much for a cabin at Fort Wilderness (which I am currently a little obsessed with but can get over my obsession in the sake of what is most reasonable). If you don’t already know, we are going early Dec. Plan to go to MVMCP and no park earlier that day. Otherwise we will mostly be in the parks and not spending tons of time at our resort. Any thoughts? TIA!

How old are your travelers? Depending on age, that second bathroom could be real handy.

Be cautious though - connecting rooms are never a guarantee.

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Wow those are very different resorts. The cabins have the added bonus of a full kitchen which can save money on meals. But getting around the camp ground can steal some time. With older children, I would be inclined to go for the extra space and bathroom. So POR would be off the list. Cabins if a full kitchen is your thing. Pop if extra space is more important. I have stayed at all three and enjoyed them each. No wrong answer only what fits your family best this trip.

I have a large family and personally 2 rooms at POP sounds the most appealing. They do not guarantee connecting rooms which is something to consider…

I would think that POP would work out best each kid would have their own bed or you could put them in one room and you would have a room to yourself. I’m not sure how the cabins are set up bedroom wise though.

Good luck keep us posted.

Cabins have a double bed AND set of bunks on the one bedroom. Tight, IMO. Also pull out or murphy bed in LR

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kids are DS14, DS11, DD7. I would like to choose POR but space is really concerning. MVT travel agent said that her teenage son slept comfortably on pull out small murphy bed, but everything else I hear contradicts that. Pop seems most reasonable. I am just the least enthralled with that choice. Kind of hoping someone could make it sound great!
The cabins have been renovated and now I believe have Queen with the bunk beds and then a pull out double or queen sleeper sofa in the main room. This is the one I am most excited for but not sure it would be worth the extra cost.

My 10yo son slept comfortably on the Poly murphy, and I would guess they are fairly similar.

But with that group, the extra bathroom would be great. We struggle as a family of four with one bathroom.

Pop is fantastic! What worries you?

The only thing I would worry over with that option is that the connecting room is not a guarantee…

Even with the upgraded bed, I think squishing 4 people to sleep in the cabin bedroom would be uncomfortable.

You are right! They are so different and that is why my choice is so hard (in first world terms that is). The one thing they have in common is that they all sleep 5 and I think that is the only thing in common!

DS13 is the one who will want his own bed and he is about 5’7" and average build. If that bed will work then I think we could stick with POR. Do you think the cabins are more cramped than POR? I thought having at least one separate room would make a difference.
I guess Pop just seems kind of far from everything? Not sure why I don’t feel drawn to it. I have read about the new renovated rooms however and that they seem very nice.
Maybe it is that the other two have boats for transportation options! I think it is really that the other two seem more relaxed.

Might be iffy for a person that tall, really.

I think the cabin itself is more spacious (and the outdoor space is nice too). Just the bedroom sounds cramped with 4 people in 3 beds.

Pop is a little further out, but it does not share a bus (have you considered the need for a golf cart at the cabins - that’s a real thing and pretty necessary!!). Ride time to anywhere is not more than 15-20 mins, which is about the same average as every other resort, as some share.

POR and FW are definitely relaxed, but TBPH I never heard or saw almost anyone at all during my stay at Pop in January. It was very quiet in my building (50s)

We really enjoyed our stay at Pop two years ago. We are headed back for a 7 night stay this summer. Looking forward to the refurbished rooms.

Last time we were only there two nights, but we never waited more than a few minutes for a bus. The pool was fun. Watched a movie on the pool deck one night. We liked the food in the food court but it was very crowded in the morning with sports teams.

As others have said, my only concern at Pop for you would be that you might not get connecting rooms.

I think if there are minors in the second room then Disney will guarantee connecting rooms? I feel like I have read that somewhere…

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I had read the same so feeling ok about our chances.

We stayed with 6 at FW in a cabin in february.

We loved it so much I booked one for August and will be booking another one in Feb for my parents anniversary (actually 2 probably)

It’s so quiet and peaceful, you have no one next door. The kitchen was great, and just the whole feel after an overstimulating day was AMAZING, for my kids and parents.

Renting a golf cart is a MUST. It’s just a fun, family feel.

My .02

Also taking the boat to MK was SO COOL.

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I am 5’0" and slept on the murphy bed at BWV. Assuming they are almost identical, I wouldn’t put someone much taller than I am on it. It was ok but 5’7" would be pushing it.

I have traveled with extended family 3-4 times. We didn’t need connecting rooms because there were adults in every room. But we got connecting every time. I know it is not guaranteed but it doesn’t seem to be a big problem in my experience…

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We just went with our family of 5, plus grandma. I considered the same options when I was planning our trip. We ended up staying in an AoA family suite and it was wonderful! I’d go with anything that gives you two bathrooms. Is there a reason you’re not considering AoA? It was comparable to the cost of a FW cabin when I was looking at prices. Though my son is saying next time he only wants to stay at AoA, I’d consider a cabin next time for just the 5 of us. We went to FW for HDDR and it was so peaceful there.

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