POP or All Stars?

What’s everyone’s opinion? Better bussing? Better rooms? Better food? Anything?

Haven’t stayed at the All Stars but really enjoyed our time at Pop. Loved the food court, loved the fact that the bus wasn’t shared with any other resort. Also loved the fact that we could walk across the bridge to AoA. You can even take AoA’s bus and walk back to Pop at the end of the night if it comes first. We had a lake view room on a top floor and it was nice and quiet. Overall, a big thumbs up! :thumbsup:

POP for sure! Better bussing overall. I like the food court too

I’ve stayed at All Star Movies once and Pop two times. We love Pop so much more! We have always had great luck with the bussing at Pop and absolutely love the dedicated service with no stops at any other resorts. The food court is busy at peak times but we’ve been happy with the food selection. Like @LoveBug53 we also stayed in a top floor lake view room and loved how quiet it was!

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POP! We have stayed here many times and really enjoy it. Better food and buses.

POP! I’d even take POP over a couple of the mods

Stayed at POP! our last trip. Would definitely recommend it!

We have stayed at Pop and really enjoyed it. The food court and busses are great. It’s proximity to AofA makes it seem like there are almost two resorts at your disposal. I highly recommend it.

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Agree…POP is da bomb

I’ve stayed in all the all stars, POP, and AoA -

Stayed in As movies 2 nights ago and remembered why we liked it. Swimming with sorcerer mickey, pics with Donald and daisy, all the True Disney things on the buildings. it was a nice remembrance. But the walls are super thin and you can hear everything from the rooms next to you, on top of you, and under you, along with the outside noises. Walking around the resort I commented that it seemed smaller and a shorter walk than at POP.

Buses are better at POP.

POP. It has it’s own buses and the theming is nice.

Which mods don’t compare well, MDU? We’re staying at POP for the first time in October, but may switch to a mod depending on room discount availability.