POP Kiddie Pool

We are staying at POP in early March. We are expecting the Hippy Dippy Pool to be closed, however we are traveling with DS4 and wondering if that closure also affects the Kiddie Pool.

Does anyone know if the Kiddie Pool is still open while Hippy Dippy is being refurbished?


I don’t know these answers but when we went we stayed in the 50s section and loved the pool that is shaped like a bowling pin. It was good for my, at the time, little kids.

I just got back from a trip to POP and can confirm that the kiddie pool by Hippy Dippy was also closed. DW took my kids over across the bridge to Big Blue at AOA where they played no problem.

That’s unfortunate, however it’s great to hear there is an alternative. Thanks so much for the info!

Good to know. We have requested a room in the 50’s hoping we are able to get that.