PoP Hippy Dippy Pool

The Disney World site says this about their Hippy Dippy pool:
“Beginning winter 2020, the Hippy Dippy Pool will be closed for refurbishment.”

I have also heard that this pool will be closed in March 2020 for refurbishment.

Anyone know which is correct?

I think that March 2020 is what they mean by Winter 2020. I know it is supposed to be closed during our trip in March.

I read that the refurb is staring in January and continuing through March. Seems long but maybe not? I know for sure that it is closed 3/23-3/31 as we got an email from Pop for our stay.

We had an email for our Feb 26 stay that it would be closed.

Thankfully there are 2 other great pools there :slight_smile: