POP gondolas


Which building is by the new gondola construction? Is the construction loud? I just received an email regarding noise. I am a very light sleeper. Just wondering what building I should request that is away from the construction and noise.

Thank you.


Construction is in the center of Hourglass lake. Buildings 2, 3, and 4 would have the most noise. When we were there in Aug/Sep they were driving the piers into the lake for the system. The driver did make a lot of noise but it only operates from like 9am-4pm, and i would guess that is already done.


That is in which era? 50’s and 60’s?


Yes 1/2 the 60’s 2 of the 50’s buildings



Thank you.


Can tell you I heard not a thing in building 2


When were you there? We just received an email this past week about the construction of the gondolas. I requested the 70’s building, so I think it will be ok. I think if I do the touring plans option I would not be facing the lake, so this might work.


Last month.


Thank you.


We aren’t there until mid June and got the same email last week, but it said we should not notice any noise during the evening or something like that.