Pop Century vs Gran Destino Visa Discount

I have a standard pool view at Pop for September 21-28. I was hoping we’d make it in time for the Skyliner; I thought we’d beat GE and make it for the Skyliner… lol. We leave the day before it “officially” opens but I think it’s pretty likely there will be soft opens during our trip. But this Visa offer for Gran Destino has me considering switching the res over to CSR. I’ve never stayed at CSR, so for those of you who have stayed at both, which would you choose? There’s only two of us so space isn’t too much of a concern and I’m not really worried about proximity to the parks. I think I just have hearts in my eyes for a deal at a brand-new section, but I will be super annoyed if the Skyliner opens and we miss it haha. What would you all do?

Gran Destino :100:

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Deluxe resort feel at moderate prices


Another vote for Gran Destino. CSR is a lovely resort, I always enjoyed our stays there. We are staying in the new tower in December and I can’t wait.

I called to book Gran Destino during that timeframe today…they only had Standard View King (which could easily work for the two of you) or Club Level Suites available…FYI (on the Visa deal)…I ended up at Port Orleans Riverside

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Thanks for the info! I had the same luck so I appreciated the heads up. It ended up being too far out of the budget for this trip so we’re going to stick with Pop, but I’m excited to try out the tower in the future! Thanks for the feedback everyone :slight_smile:

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