Pop Century vs all stars

So after reading a previous post about the all-stars, do you think Pop century is worth the extra couple hundred dollars? I really want ease to the parks?


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We’ve stayed at ASMo many times over the years and never had an issue w/ bus service there. I’ve stayed at Pop once and won’t ever stay there again. The rooms are the same size at All Stars but w/ less space b/c they’ve used queen beds. The line to the SL is insane in the morning and at park closing. I didn’t find the line for the bus to RD at AS to be bad at all. Many ppl love Pop and go over and over, this is just my opinion. I don’t think Pop is worth an extra $

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I think it really depends on how tight your budget is and how highly you value the novelty of the Skyliner. Bus transport is actually really good at All Stars (and Pop). If there’s no line, the Skyliner can be really quick, but if there is a line, a bus would probably be faster.

That said, I enjoyed staying at Pop and would stay there again if I was looking for a budget option (compared to Deluxe).

ETA: Just don’t do AS Sports until they do a real refurb.


When is your trip? The skyliner is not dependable in the stormy months.

You did read the comment from my friend that that Sport buses were great?


The rooms are the same size, but the refurbed rooms at the All-Stars now use queen beds (one regular and one Murphy bed) just like Pop. The All-Star Sports rooms have not been refurbed yet and are still double/full size beds. I agree that the Skyliner is great - when it isn’t closed due to high winds or lightning within 6 miles.

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I’ve stayed at Pop a lot and then stayed at ASMo two days before a Disney Cruise. My husband called ASMo the steerage of Disney resorts. Nothing in particular wrong or bad but we like Pop so much better. The skyliner transportation option is a game changer. The easy access to AoA, CBR, Riviera, Boardwalk, Beach and Yacht Club for other dining options is nice as well. ASMo was cute if you had littles but we personally wouldn’t do it if we were going to the parks.

We’ve stayed a both and love Pop for the Skyliner access. We are typically VERY front of the pack rope droppers though and are in line well in advance of the Skyliner opening time, so that’s how we avoid the long lines to get on in the mornings.

My wife and I used to try and stay at POR or CBR. I would have liked to stayed at the BCR but the money for a premium resort just wasn’t worth it. The BCR or YCR made it easy at night to just walk via the International Gateway back to our resort at nights end instead of being jammed on a bus like cattle. Too much extra money though for a resort we only basically slept at. Then along came the Skyway. Now we could save all types of resort money and stay at POP or a value resort. The Skyway goes to and from Pop to and from Epcot International Gateway. No more hurrying for buses back to our resort at the end of the night. No more packed in like cattle standing when you have had an exhausting day. For us now POP is a win win situation.