Pop Century Room Request

Hello everyone!
I have an upcomming trip at the end of August! (starting on the 28th). I’ll be staying at Pop Century with my brother.
I’ve been doubtful about which is the best way to get my room request ( I’m fully aware that request are not guaranteed by disney ). Before I decided to subscribe to TP I had made my request by phone, I simply requested 90’s section and I had made my online check in and included 90’s section in room request.
Reading in this amazing forum, I’ve read that it’s not convenient to do both, the room request from touring plans and the online check in… but what if I ask for the same thing?
Any advice?
Also, when I had my request noted in my reservation, the friendly cast member told me to call the resort directly 10 days (or less) before my trip to make sure my request was visible in the reservation!
The whole point for my trip is to get one of the new rooms!

I would also use the TP room request feature. In case you do not have the directions this Touring Plans blog post explains how it works.

Although adding the request when you book or doing online checkin can work, there is no way to call a Disney resort directly. All calls go to a “call center” and it is rather annoying that someone would tell you to do that.

Thank you!
So you would do both? online check in and TP room request? :slight_smile:
They let you through to the resort if you are calling 10 days beforehand (it’s what I’ve heard)

There are no direct calls to resorts. Even when you are in a resort room and you pick up the phone you cannot call the front desk.

Rooms are assigned within 5 days of your arrival. That is why TP faxes the request on day day. Try the fax!

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Thank you again! I’ll do that! may I ask how has your experience been like with room requests?
Do you only use TP? or do you also use the request at online check in?

The fax got me the building I wanted at POR last Nov! Worked great!

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Fax worked for me, didn’t get the exact room but a floor down and facing in the right direction.

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The fax worked for me too, I was a couple of rooms down from my request at POFQ. I left the room request blank when I did online check in.