Pop Century Room Request Fax

I’m not sure how to let people know - but if you’re trying to fax a room request to POP today you have to fax to 407-938-4007 instead of the one they usually use (4079384040). Their usual number is being sent for service today.


Thank’s for the tip! I was wondering why the Touring Plans and the FaxZero fax failed!


@len did you see this post about the Pop fax?


Y’all are the best. I’ve alerted Gerelyn to update the number. Thanks!


Is 407-938-4007 still the best Fax Number to send room requests for Pop Century? Or did they switch back to the 4040 number?

The best way to send the fax is to have Toring Plans do it:

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We’re doing a split stay, and we did use the Touring Plans tool to send it for the first half of our trip at AoA! But the 2nd half of the trip at POP Century the only request we have is to have connecting/adjoining/nearby rooms with the in-laws who are meeting us down there. They do not have a TP account, and so we wanted to send a fax for both reservations to try and maximize our chances. If anyone has any other tips/suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Set up the second part of the trip on your dashboard and set up a new fax - pick a room at random, delete the details and write in that you want connecting rooms, including their reservation number and name as well as your own.

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Do they need to make a request on their reservation to be connected to ours as well? Or is it good enough that we make the request just on our end? Thanks!

No you just need to do it, with both reservation numbers.

That said, connecting is never guaranteed.

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