Pop Century Room Refurbishment

Hi! We are staying at the Pop Century Resort from Feb 13-17, and are wondering which buildings have had their rooms refurbished so far. Thanks!

70’s, 80’s, & 90’s

I wonder if all the refurbs will be done by april?

And part of 60s

Great - thanks for the info!

My room request is due in a few days, anyone have recent updates? My preferred place is building 4 (60s), so if 60’s was part way done in January, hoping it is fully done by now.


Interesting, I tried calling POP this morning to find out what has been refurbished or not and explicitly told they do not give out that information. All they say is you can request a refurbished room and they will try. I can do that, but don’t want conflicting requests on my TP fax vs MDE request.


There is a lengthy thread on Disboards (Pop Century Room Renovations) that is keeping track of what is done, closed, and not started. The second post has a map and whatever the latest information is.

According to them, buildings 5-10 are complete; 3 & 4 are in process; 1 & 2 not started.

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When are you going? We are going in August, at that time I figure only the 50s section will still be under construction.

We have a preferred room. I am going to request the 70s section for our trip.

danimoon67: T minus 5 days, 14:01:30 (roughly! :slight_smile: )

What minniemouse27 said! :slight_smile: I just changed our room requests to building 5, so hopefully all set. Yep, you are in the iffy decade. My suggestion is to wait until closer to your trip start and move or not based on the updates you see posted here.


We are going in mid-July and have a Standard Pool View.

Basically that means we are in 50s or 80s and 2/3 of the 50s will probably still be under construction.

I’m guessing we will end up in the 80s.

We’re going at the end of August as well. Hoping that the 60s will be all finished by then!

We will be there the end of August, too. 15-28 I think the 60s are just about complete now, so no doubt they will be finished by August.

Was just in building 5 two weeks ago and had a refurbished room. I was not sure if the building was done or not so I just wrote it in on my TP room request.

Just checked into the POP last night (too late to post last night)

I chickened out and did request building 5, but now building 4 is widely posed as fully refurbished.

WINNER! Refurb from my standpoint is great. Old rooms were “tolerable”, new rooms are great. I count 14 outlets and 12 USB charging stations! Bigger beds do make things feel a bit more cramped when both are down. Only major casualty I see with the murphy bed is that you have to choose between second bed and a desk. I like to get up and do some work on my laptop while others are still sleeping. Can’t do that. Minor quibble compared to all the upsides though. NIce to have a place to make morning tea too. Coffee maker for those that like coffee.

Bathroom is bright and very functional. They do a good job of making what is clearly limited space more useful. The weird double sliding door to the bathroom is pretty cool.



One follow-up: I suspect someone from the EU became our neighbor about half way through the trip and they got up really early (3am-ish) for a couple mornings and were not exactly quiet (TMI for details! :slight_smile: ). The new hard flooring leaves a gap under the door between the rooms, so we put the bath mat on the floor up against the door and that helped some.

Overall, very impressed. I used to defend the Pop as a good place for lots of reasons despite the rooms (the old ones certainly were dark, getting getting dingy and worn, but the new rooms are great and I’m totally sold. Highly recommended for the budget conscious. Now no question on preferring the Pop over the All-Stars–at least until the All Star rooms get refurbished.


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