Pop Century room choice

What is the best building to be in at Pop? What about the best room or area? Need adjoining rooms.

I can’t help with location, but…

When you say “adjoining” in hotel speak that simply means rooms next to each other.

If you need to request (never guaranteed) a door between the rooms, you need to request CONNECTING.

I used to work in a hotel (not Disney), and no matter how many times we asked for clarification when reservations were made, invariably someone would insist they needed “adjoining” rooms and then fuss when the rooms were just that - adjoining. They got what they asked for - but it wasn’t what they wanted.

I meant to say connecting, sorry. I added this request to the agent when I called. She put this on request because we have our kids in the other room (one is 18). Maybe it an Midwest thing, we always say adjoining, but I know it is connecting. I might just call back to make sure that it is connected.

It’s ok.

No, most people say adjoining not realizing that at least in hotel-speak there is a significant difference between adjoining and connecting. Even if the TA repeated “adjoining” back to you just to keep it simple, odds are they actually put it on the reservations as connecting because that is the industry term. :slight_smile:

The person assigning rooms might not be aware the your minor children will be using the second room. When you call back to confirm that you requested a connecting room, make sure to let them know that it’s because they are children. My understanding is that families with children get priority for connecting rooms.

You were correct. I did say adjoining, so I had to call and change this. Thank you for letting me know this! I really do not want my three teenagers in the room without the door open between us. I appreciate the advice.

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Thank you! I did tell them this, so I hope that it happens when we get there. I feel much safer for them and us to have us next to them with the door open between the rooms.

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I agree especially now that Disney can enter your room at any time.

Pop Century is best to pay preferred. The standard rooms are very far from the bus stop and the food court at the end of a long day. We don’t get pool side as it gets a lot of foot traffic all hours of the day/night. We stay preferred on the backside of the pool facing buildings.