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I am having a little trouble figuring out the best way to search for a standard room at Pop. Our priorities are pretty close walk to transportation/dining area. If possible, also somewhat quiet as I am a super light sleeper. Any suggestions on which building to request? We are going mid/late August, so not sure if high school groups will be there at that time. Thanks.

Book a preferred room or preferred pool view room. They are close to the lobby/dining/shopping/bus transportation. I stayed at Pop the last week of February in a bottom floor, preferred pool view room, in building 4 (one of the two 60’s buildings). I thought noise would be a problem being on the bottom floor and basically right in front of the pool, but I didn’t hear anything. If you want to be close to transportation/dining, book a preferred room, third or fourth floor to eliminate the possibility of noise. Standard rooms won’t be as close.

Building 9 is standard and actually quite close to the bus stop. The thing about Pop is, you need to familiarize yourself with the shortcuts. Go through courtyards and behind buildings to shorten walks.
I prefer 1st floor to again minimize walking.
Building 10 is slightly better but closer to the main pool so there’s more foot traffic.

The biggest problem with “quiet” is there is no way to know how noisy the people in the rooms around you will be.

I stayed at Pop in January and booked a standard room. They put me in the 70s area on the side facing the lake. It was SUPER quiet and was only a 3-4 minute walk to the main building and buses. Was wonderful! It was close enough to the main building to be a quick walk, but because it was on the side of the building facing the lake, you could not hear any noise from the Hippy Dippy Pool. It also meant a beautiful view in the morning when getting out of the room to make RD. Just an idea for what to request, as it was amazing for us!


I was in room 1452 last week. That was standard view in building 1 of 50’s section. No view really but on the top floor away from elevators and oposite side from the pool. It was nice and quiet and we all slept well and 3-5 walk to food and bus!

We liked Preferred - but on the backside of the building, so not pool view.
We heard a lot of toilet flushing. We were on the first floor so we heard the golf carts in the morning that are used by maintenance/housekeeping early in the AM. Wasn’t that big of a deal because by that time we were getting up and moving anyway.

We’ve also stayed top floor in a standard (prob building 9). No toilet flushing or golf carts, but certainly a further walk compared to preferred.

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Will someone share where the elevators and stairs are located in the buildings?

Looking at aerial maps on Google maps, I’d say the elevators are in the center of each T-shaped building. It looks like there are staircases outside the ends of each wing, disguised as part of an oversized prop. I don’t know if there are other stairs near the 'vators, I’ve never been there - yet.

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@mkmuzzy is correct, the stairs are at the ends and the elevators are in the middle. I don’t think there are stairs near the elevators, but could be I just never noticed them.

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Yes, there’s a staircase next to the elevators.

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I was having trouble with picking a room for pop, not realizing you could actually walk thru the middle of each building. That’s where the elevator is, and there are additional stairs at the end of each wing. Once everyone here set me straight, it was easier picking a room.

I don’t know how to link it, but if you search for pop century, find the one that is titled Rubik’s cube Lover, a helpful liner drew me a map.

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I am currently requesting something similar in the 60’s building (standard room, but has lake view), now you have me wondering if I should move it to the 70’s.

60’s is a fun building, but since it is right there at the pool it is a little louder. If you are going for quiet, I would say either an upper floor on the lake-side of the 60’s (to get you higher from the noise volume) or the 70’s lake-side. When you look at the Pop Century map, some of the buildings look a little further away than they really are when you get there. Below is a photo of my view. You can see Art of Animation across the way. I had been worried the 70’s would be too far, but it was nothing when I got there.


Thank you so much for the advice!

Anytime! Hope you have fun! Pop is a great resort!

Touring Plans has a great tool that you can utilize to the perfect room you would like to try and request. You can see the overall layout of the resort so you can see the proximity of the rooms to transportation and lobby. Have fun planning!