Pop Century Renovations

Does anyone know which buildings are completely done with the renovations at Pop Century?

Buildings 8 & 9 are done and open. 7 should be finishing up soon. Construction has begun on 10.

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For the buildings that are completed, did the king rooms stay king rooms and the 2 doubles are now a queen and murphy bed?

I believe the kings have stayed kings. And yep the doubles are now a queen bed and a queen murphy. I’m staying there in Oct so I’ve been following the progress closely.

We are staying November 17-25. I wonder if building 10 will be done by then. They seem to be moving pretty quickly.

Word is 7 is going slow due to some structural repairs so it’s anyone’s guess when 10 will finish.

15 days out, have preferred room and want to get building 10. Sounds like 10 building might be closed down for referbishments, any new updates?

Reports are building 7 opened today!

WOW! I checked out yesterday and I thought that would have been a week away. I will say they were hustling on the other building every time I walked by.

@thekid what buildings were they working on?

Building 10. Looked like the furniture had been removed and demolition was underway in some room. There was some noise and a lot of activity. Some of the rooms had plastic covering the windows…


I new here, sorry if this not the right place.

We are going on Nov 1-9. Will the 60’s be replaced?


No, because they haven’t even started that section yet. According to the front desk CM I spoke with, the 60’s section will be the last one to be renovated.

Building 10 still looked like that @thekid last week.

Is the 70’s building finished yet, I always get a room close to 6214, I have trip coming up on Dec 18th

I just stayed in 6233. They have not even begun to work on Building 6.

Ok thanks so much!