Pop Century questions

We are planning our second trip to Disney and planning on staying @ Pop next year. It will either be late June/early July or mid August…so it will be HOT. We have two teenage girls who are pretty quiet and would probably prefer a quieter pool. Will the bowling pin or computer pool be noticeably quieter than the hippy dippy pool? I’m planning on booking preferred and maybe requesting 50s. It that ok in terms of noise level? Which floor do you recommend? Our last trip we stayed at POR and didn’t hear a soul and had the quiet pool to ourselves most nights. I’m preparing myself for the difference at Pop!

Pop definitely has some quieter areas. If you pick the top floor of the 50s or 90s, the noise level is reduced. Basically, for all the Values, the top floor will be quieter because you won’t have noise tromping from the top. Ask for a non-connecting room, too - the walls are already fairly thin, but not having a door to your neighbor will help more.

The two pools you mentioned are much quieter than the main Hippy Dippy pool. I like the bowling pin pool better, but either are fine.

Enjoy your trip!

Thank you very much! We are actually booking two rooms as my brother in law is coming with us, so I can tell at least one neighbor to settle down without any trouble! :wink: Is the 90s section a long walk to the food court and transportation? I planned on booking preferred but I don’t think that includes 90s.

Use the TP room finder. You can search on sound level among other things.


Thanks, I love the TP room finder! Found the perfect room @ POR for us last trip :slight_smile:

DH, DS3 and I stayed in Building 8 the 90s section in Feb/March this year (room facing the computer pool, top floor), and at first I was pretty disappointed (looooong walk from the main building when we arrived, as we walked the long way towards the lake).

BUT, then we discovered the parking lot cut-through, which meant a less than five minute walk to the bus each morning. We don’t eat in the food court except a couple of times when we stay at Pop, but being close to the bus is what’s important to us (though, the bus stop is close to the main building…and therefore the food court…so I guess that works, too!)

Fairly certain Preferred rooms aren’t in the 90s section.

Fun fact: we were able to see Star War fireworks from our room, as well as the “welcome to WDW” sign you pass through when coming on property via Magical Express!

I have to highly recommend the room 3459. It was on the backside of Building 3 and was super quiet. I never saw a neighbor or heard them. It was a very close walk to the main building and the bus stops.

thank you for the great info…3459 and some surrounding rooms were actually ones we were looking at. i will definitely be requesting that area! Over 450 days to go but I am so darn excited!!