Pop Century PREFERRED Room Recommendations

We’ve made reservations through a TA for September, at her advice we booked a “preferred” room at a slightly higher cost. Now I’m reading on here that the “preferred” rooms may not be in the most desired (e.g., lake view) locations. Can anyone provide any insight and possibly give some recommendations for a “preferred” room location?


the bear

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Preferred rooms are closest to the lobbies, eating areas, buses and ammenities. They are not the best views but your poor tired feet will love two steps less than the gorgeous views in the evenings. It’s really a matter of how much time you will spend in the room looking at the gorgeous views @jbear105! One doesn’t beat the other, they’re just… different.

I have stayed standard and preferred at this hotel.
Pay the extra $$ and stay preferred. There is the room finder on TP that is very helpful. I chose a room near the main pool but on the backside of the building. This way I didn’t get a lot of foot traffic or late night noise from the pool bar.

Thanks for the replies. So I should just let them assign a room? No basis for a preference?

BTW on an average day I take about 15,000 steps. Even at Disney I don’t think “two steps less” will matter. :slight_smile:

With the new refurbished rooms I would request the 4th floor to eliminate any noise above you!!

I paid for a preferred room at POP, and now I have used Touring Plans to request a lake view room that I’m not sure is preferred. Will they refund me if I end up wanting a standard room? Or will they make me accept a preferred room that I might not want after all since I already paid for part of my stay for one?

And does anyone know if all the rooms in building 5 of the 1960s are preferred or if the lake view rooms are standard? I really like the view.

You can use the room finder to see which rooms at POP are preferred. View of Disney's Pop Century Resort There are several categories, depending on two queens vs. king, and standard view vs. pool view. Unfortunately, it looks like none of the lake facing rooms in building 5 are preferred of any kind. In fact, I don’t think any preferred rooms in any building give a lake view.

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I also typically do 15,000 steps per day not-at-Disney and the “extra” walking to a room has never bothered me one bit.

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Lake view rooms are standard. We loved ours! But you should change your reservation to standard view if you want to try and get the lake view.

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I’m concerned that if I change to standard, I’ll get a really far room. What are the chances of getting my requested room?

I think I’m predisposed to assuming the best to this question because our one time at Pop we got EXACTLY the room we requested. Next time, we may end up far away. That would negatively effect my opinion so would probably be best to hear from others with more experience.

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Anyway I changed my room request to a preferred room closer to dining and transportation. The whole point of preferred is location close to these things so I guess that overrides a lake view. Can’t have both.

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I just got back from a trip where I had a preferred room at POP booked, but unintentionally. I booked through Priceline, and I didn’t know I was getting a preferred room until I saw it listed on MDE. I would rather have a lake view room, so I sent in a TP request for a room that wasn’t listed as preferred, but was lake view and still close to transportation. I also added a note that I would love to be facing the lake. I ended up with a preferred room in the same building, but on the opposite side of the building next to the pool. All that to say, my experience was that booking a preferred room and asking for a non-preferred room didn’t work.

The short walk to the buses and the skyliner was fantastic though! The music from the main pool in the middle of the afternoon when I was trying to nap was not. Next time, I’ll make getting a room not immediately next to the pool my top priority.

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