Pop Century or Caribbean Beach?

Struggling with if my sister and I should stay at POP or CBR. With free dining, CBR is roughly $500 more, but there is more than one bus stop, the pool looks nice, and the resort looks gorgeous. On the other hand, we’ll mostly just be sleeping there, besides the first day, and POP is significantly cheaper. What would you do?

If you’re going to do a resort day at all, or spend time in the resort, I’d to CBR. It feels like “home” to me.

If cost is the greatest concern, and you don’t plan to spend nearly any time at the resort, then I’d do Pop.

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I like Pop and I like CBR. I also like $500. I’d save the $500 and use it towards upgrading your free dining to standard or deluxe, especially if you’re planning on using your hotel as just a place to sleep. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with either choice.


We’ve stayed at both and I will pick Pop over Caribbean Beach any day of the week.
We stayed at Caribbean last month for a week.
Those additional bus stops don’t mean additional buses. The pool is nice but it’s a hike from standard rooms. The outside of the resort is lovely but the rooms themselves were just north of a standard motel room - smelled moldy, dark (can’t leave curtains open unless you want everyone walking by getting a free show) and bathrooms had mildew/mold.

I had a similar dilemma in that we were booked at AoA (which we love), but I saved a ton by booking two rooms at Pop instead. However, I was making a choice between two values, and the new renovations at Caribbean Beach resort do look tempting–! I think it would depend on if you feel you will really utilize the resort. We are people who mainly stay in the parks, but if you need more downtime/want more downtime, it might make more sense to pick CBR. That being said, 500 would go a long way toward tipping, souvenirs, incidentals, etc…or just money in your pocket!


I’ve stayed at both, (in fact those are the only two I have stayed at!). CB is much nicer and has a great pool, but the bus situation is not good. We would sometimes have full buses passing by our stop because they filled up on earlier stops. One time we had to wait almost an hour for an empty bus. Pop has just one bus stop, and while there can sometimes be a line, at least you have your spot in line and are not getting passed by others who have a stop earlier on the route.

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One other thing to consider is the beds, CB has the bigger queen size while Pop does not - for anyone in your party over 6 feet tall, or sharing a bed for 2 people weighing over 200 lbs, it makes a difference

I’m pretty sure that now that Pop is all refurbished, all the beds are queen there too.


Thanks for all of your input! I’ll talk it over with my sister and go from there, but I think we’re leaning towards Pop!

How funny to see this discussion here. I was making the same exact decision yesterday and today. Ultimately I chose Pop for several reasons.

  1. The money I would save.
  2. Transportation might be better at Pop.
  3. We probably wouldn’t spend a ton of time at the resort.
  4. I was informed that since the upgrade the rooms are either two queen or one king bed.