Pop Century for a Rubik's Cube lover

I’m a little stumped on picking a room to request at pop century. We have a non-preferred room booked and we won’t have a car. I want to be as close to the buses as possible, but DS8 absolutely loooooves rubrics cubes. I’m worried that if I request the 80’s, we’ll end up in the farthest building. Considering how quickly DS gets worn out, that might not be fun at the end of the day.
What’s a mom to do :thinking:?

Psst. It’s not “rubrics” but “Rubik’s” :slight_smile:

Okay. I’m annoying. But I used to love Rubik’s Cubes!


Ha! You can tell it’s my kid that loves them and not me.

My son is the same. Loves Rubik’s cubes. I decided to request closer to the buses and figured I’d just walk him over to the 80s section to check it out…


I know there are a lot of European liners, so I just figured that was what they called them! :thinking:

You can request a range of room numbers, on the north end of 80’s, and still be quite close to the buses.

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Must be a teacher

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Our family was in the 80s section and it wasn’t a long walk to the buses! Here is a pic:

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You can walk through the middle? I’ve been making my plans like an idiot going around everything. :flushed:
Thank you for the picture. It made me much less fearful of being in the farthest building. :grin:


Yes!! LOL
I thought the same when we planned on going to POP. There are walkways through the buildings, after the fist day you will get your barrings. :grinning:

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Yes - we were in the 90s building, right at the end overlooking the computer pool. It actually ended up being a great spot - it was a bit of a walk to Classic Hall when going via the walkways, but it was super easy to walk over to the buses via the parking lot. And it was so nice to be so close to the pool for evening swim time after getting back from the parks!

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I was in 80’s last week. When you walk along the parking lot it lets you out on the opposite side of the bus stop. Not a long walk at all.

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Thanks everyone. I had read so many reviews of that section complaining about how far it was, it had freaked me out.

Anybody have a suggestion about how I should request it? I’m guessing “close to transportation” and “80’s” would work for online check-in, but I’m not sure about TP room finder text

When I had the bright idea to take my son to Disney, just the two of us, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. :rofl:

I only did online check-in and requested 4th floor & 80s section!